Candy Ferris Wheel

We have 2 amazing Candy Ferris Wheels offering that something different to your event, add elegance and some fun to your celebration with our fantastic Candy Ferris Wheels. They stand at 3ft high, 3ft Long and have 16 swinging compartments.

We have two different designs of ferris wheels, our standard design or a Love Heart shaped patterned design for those more intimate occasions.

The ferris wheels can also hold upto 80 Large muffins or up to 20 kg of sweets.

The Ferris wheels can also be dry hired and you can put your own sweets or muffins in.

Number of Sweets   Price
 Sweets for up to 80 Guests  Call
 Sweets for up to 100 Guests  Call
 Sweets for up to 120 Guests  Call
 Sweets for up to 150 Guests  Call
 Sweets for up to 200 Guests  Call
 Damage Deposit  £100